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Community Events

Viva Colorado is dedicated to serve the community and to provide events in which the community can benefit from, learn and grow. Through the years Viva Colorado has created immersive events such as: Festival Dia de los Muertos, Latin Fashion Week Colorado, Quinceañeras Sueños Realidad, Beauty Pageants, Catrina Ball, Festival Dia de los Niños, Celebrando a la Mujer,  Colorado Banda Show, Expo Quinceañeras and has collaborated with different organizations and brands to create different event experiences.

Viva Colorado believes all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or country of origin, are equal and truly worthy of dignity and respect in the community.


The mission of Viva Colorado fully embraces our belief in equality and seeks to intentionally promote it and actively support it.

Programs & Education

We offer free programs through the year in which are focus on children's, teens and adults. These educational programs are meant to bring awareness in our community of Colorado and how important it is to continue learning. Our programs are focus on mental health, self-steam, bulling, makeup, piñata classes, photography classes, modeling, fashion and design, textures, empowerment, self-growth. All these programs are offer free for our kids and adults.




Help us continue our mission

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